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Monday, August 22, 2016

5 Important Things to Do After a Move


Moving is no easy task, let’s face it...
It requires weeks of work and organization, and not to mention a large amount of physical and mental exertion. You may think once the move is over all the work is done, but you’d be mistaken. There are still a number of important things that need your attention post move, here’s five of them:
1.      Take Photos

If you’re renting, it’s incredibly important to take pictures of your house or apartment upon move in. These photos will serve as a reference point for any damages incurred by you prior to move out, and can be an aid to settle disputes with landlords who are trying to nickel and dime you.

If you aren’t renting or you don’t run into any damage issues with your landlord, you can use the photos for a scrapbook or memory box. This way you will always have a snapshot of your home to look back on and see how far you’ve come, and how different your home looks once you’ve had a chance to settle.

2.      Assess Your Trash Situation

During the unpacking process it’s important to know what you should do with your trash. If you’re responsible for taking your trash down to the curb find out who your provider is, and make note of their pickup schedule. If you move in on a Saturday and trash pickup is on Monday, you’ll want to make sure as many of your unpacked boxes and other trash get picked up ASAP, so they aren’t taking up valuable space for another week.

If you live in a community where there are communal dumpsters, stake out where they are. If you have easy access you can make multiple trips as you unpack, but if you’re a bit of a trek away you may want to strategize and take fewer, larger trips.

3.      Change Your Locks

If you’re moving into a home where you have the capability or permission to change your locks, it’s a good idea to do so. Unless the home you’re moving into hasn’t had any occupants, you have no way of knowing who may still have keys, or copies of keys, for your locks and therefore be able to come into your home at any time. Doing a simple lock change will not only ensure you, your family, and your belonging’s safety, but do wonders for your peace of mind.

4.      Find a New Doctor

If you’ve moved far away enough that continuing to see your current doctor isn’t realistic you should find another one as soon as possible. Illnesses can suddenly pop up, especially after the strain you take on during a move, and not having a reliable care source can make an illness worse.

Search for doctors in your area by asking friends or neighbors for their recommendations, or do an online search and see who gets the best reviews and is covered by your insurance. Don’t rush into a decision, you can always shop around and switch at a later date you need to.

5.      Enjoy Yourself

The most important thing to do once your move is over is to enjoy your new home. Take a moment to appreciate where you are and who you’re surrounded by. Moving house is a milestone you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and you should take the time to relish the moment.

Jeff and Sarah Rood operate America’s Best Moving Company, a full service moving and storage company based out of Columbus, Ohio. America’s Best aims to provide a stress-free move for both interstate and long distance moves.

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