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Monday, August 7, 2017

Columbus Back-To-School Checklist: Mom-and-Dad-Friendly Prep for the Perfect Year

As Summer's kiss fades distinctly into fall, many families in the Columbus metro area have a strange sense of relief. It really is amazing what difference a fully structured day can make, and the sense of purpose that comes along with it. Before everything really comes roaring full swing and the backpacks have to be ready each morning, there are a few standout traditions that Ohio families love, and make them feel integrated as a unit when each year rolls around.

Many families choose to have a “back to school party”, and have their kids invite several others in the neighborhood over during the afternoon or early evening. Kids can drift further apart from each other during the summer days, when the parents may be busy working, and this is a good chance for them to reconnect with some fun. Even though parties are considered “away time” from responsibilities that will rear their gargantuan heads to the kids during the school year, it's a fun and healthy reminder that the days are about to become more structured.

Having your kids draw a self-portrait is another fun way to ease into the back-to-school season. If they are wearing brand new back-to-school clothing, it's also a way for them to get excited about looking and feeling great during school's early months. Milestones can occur at any interval of time, and having a hand-drawn memory will wholeheartedly get you in the mood for this season when so much changes.

Sidewalk chalk messages are another great back-to-school activity that stoke imagination, creativity, and evoke an overall positive vibe. Whether or not it is days or weeks before school, having a sidewalk chalk session can gear kids towards the time of year when they will have to be paying attention more, and not just worried about video games and TV.
When the school year arrives, there is a level of economic flurry right here in Columbus: it is similar to the activity that happens during the spring, as the 3rd quarter of budgets is reviewed, and many decisions to hire are made. There are many circumstances that occur during this time of year that could have you packing up the U-haul truck soon, and if that does happen to be the case, our brokerage has the expertise and skills to locate your new residence quickly.

After some great recommendations on how to make back to school time more fun for the kids, we wanted to make sure we gave adults a few pointers as well. This is, without doubt, a time when tensions may inevitably rise. Having your daily schedule get more hectic can seem cumbersome, and you may feel as if you were already just treading water. As specialists in an industry that constantly needs to adapt to change, we understand. Don't drown, and make sure that you are always doing something for you.

Ignoring the small stuff Is very instrumental when it comes to surviving the upcoming school year. Don't worry about micromanaging every single move your child makes, and make sure that you are setting aside time for yourself. Sometimes bedtime will be delayed, and minor tragedies will take place. The sun will still rise the next day after these issues are conquered, and even if you just have a spare 20 minutes to yourself, you're going to feel on top of whatever new challenge ails you.

Many other bloggers we reached out to said that when school is back in session and your kids are getting on your nerves, this is the time to clean. If bad behavior is being displayed in hefty amounts, you can still turn it all around and just take the time to get your house in order. After a bit of time without the wireless password, we promise the minions may shape up.

Getting spontaneously silly can really cure the temporary mood, and have you taking a bit of grown up time of your own while the air clears. Acting completely and randomly nutty, dealing with the consequences later, and taking precious minutes to look on the lighter side will enlighten you in unlimited fashion. If your temper is taking a turn for the worse, a jump on the lighter side of things can put the brakes on it rapidly.

If there has been a major life change in the household lately, it may be time to sit the kids down and share with them what you're up against. Divorce, death in the family, or other financial forms of strain may have occurred during the year, and this will eventually put a drain on your free time. After you have a heart-to-heart with them explaining that you need them to pitch in, things can really shape up for the school year. It could be the little things, such as having them help set a few items out for the next day's lunch.

One final thing to remember is that too many parents today have a vision of how they think the perfect home should function. Spotless kitchens, empty laundry room floors, and beds always made dance in their subconscious like a Christmas wish list. When times get really tough, don't lose sight of what reality in the household really is sometimes. If the dishes are unwashed for one night or there is one toy lingering on the floor, it may be time to stop worrying about it.

Don't believe us? We've talked to many parents who agree, and said that they have in no way become lazy, they simply are giving themselves more space and forgiveness. Back-to-school season is a time when reserves of tranquility can come in handy, and we urge you to tap into that “special place” by occasionally lowering your own bar on self-expectation. 

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  1. Good read. With kids in school it does take some transitioning. Good ideas


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