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Monday, October 14, 2013

New Home, New Start!

New home, new start

Moving into a new home is always exciting.  It awakens the creative spirit and the energy needed to make a fresh start.  Because few people manage to find a home they like at the right price, in the right location and decorated the way they want, there’s usually quite bit to be done to put that personal stamp on it.  Redecorating can make the home feel complete.

There are other, practical reasons to redecorate quickly.  It’s much easier to paint walls and lay carpets before all the furniture is in place.  It’s also easier to arrange furniture before bric-a-brac has accumulated.  By doing everything in one go, it’s possible to achieve a co-ordinated domestic vision that would be much more difficult to try and apply to a room later on.

Working within limits
Even new homes have some limits and recognizing them makes it easier to create a look that will really work for the space.  For instance, where rooms have little natural light it’s best to use pale colors and reflect as much light as possible using mirrors.  Where ceilings are low they look best in white but high ceilings can be painted in strong colors or even wallpapered to add character to a room.  Some rooms are dominated by the views they offer and should be decorated in a way that complements those views.  Thinking about these factors before starting can help with planning a space that looks just right.

Working with themes
Every season brings new fashions around which a room can be planned.  This year, rustic living, pastels and nautical themes are among those getting attention, which means it’s easy to find related bits and pieces in the shops.   Individuals will also have their own favourite themes, historical themes can be reinvented with a personal twist, and it’s fun to let the imagination loose in children’s rooms.

In most cases, the best way to work with a theme is to choose just two or three key colors for walls, skirting, coving and window frames, using darker shades for carpets and curtains.  When experimenting with particular patterns, don’t overdo it - a throw or a few cushions will often look better than a whole sofa.  It’s important to remember that items can complement each other without having to match.  When using contrast, the point is to draw attention to particular areas, so there shouldn’t be so many contrasting items that they distract from each other.

Finding the right furniture
Assembling all the right furniture in a new home can be a lengthy process.  First priority should be getting a good bed, so proper sleep can help restore the energy for busy days.  Recliner sofas for the living room are also good as a place to relax and gather thoughts.  Filling a whole house with new furniture is expensive, so it’s worth spending some time looking through the small ads or visiting second-hand shops to see what can be found that way.  By starting this early, it’s easier to find items that work well together - this is also a good way to pick up accessories.  It’s often the little things, from lamps to table runners that really bring the look together and turn a house into a home.
Contributed by Charlotte Stafford. Charlotte Stafford is a well-educated, enthusiastic freelance writer with a passion for interior design.

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